Smart Solutions is owned and operated by Claudia J. King (President).

John Palecek (Technical Engineer)

About Us

Unlike the products we provide, we are a little old fashioned. We pride ourselves on treating our customers how we want to be treated, doing what we say we will do and seeing each project through to the end.

With rising energy cost and economic concerns, manufacturers in the construction industry have become more motivated to offer products that provide affordable energy savings with value added attributes. We carefully research and choose products that are proven to work and are not just “Green” hype.

Smart Solutions, Inc. offers cost effective, energy efficiency and healthy living products. Our support starts at the planning stage, where together with architects, designers, engineers, contractors and homeowners; we help determine which of our products will make the biggest impact from operational and life cycle cost perspective.

We put together complete packages of high performance products for both residential and commercial projects. To insure our products best performance we offer design services that include heating, cooling and ventilation systems and are based on complete energy analysis. Whether it’s an ICF wall system, or well designed solar heat and hot water system, we are there to provide smart solutions with proven products, training and support.

Located in Idaho, we still enjoy the beauty of the fresh air, green forest and clear, clean rivers. We believe in being good stewards of our environment.

Please check out some of our projects in the commercial and residential sections of this website.