Energy Envelope

We take great pride in our Energy Efficient Building Design, we review plans and help designers and architects create the details that incorporate the quality materials that make up the entire energy envelope of the building. Energy envelope is the entire exterior of the building; walls, floors, windows and roof systems. Included here are all of the components used to make the envelope weather tight, including insulation, waterproofing and vapor barrier. These products work great together to create a safe, healthy and energy efficient indoor environment.


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LOGIX "GOOD SOLID GREEN" Insulated Concrete Form" (ICF) Wall System

LOGIX is the leader in ICF's in North America and is the only fully integrated insulated concrete form system that offers choice of panel thickness, core thickness and web type.  "ICF" construction is proven to be twice as energy efficient and twice as fast as conventional construction, making it easy to build green.  LOGIX buildings provide savings, strength and comfort while conserving the environment. LOGIX is the easiest ICF to install, delivering more profit and less pressure to the construction team. 
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Fortruss Insulated Concrete Floors - Terrafoam Platinum EPS Insulation

Documented for its performance for more than 50 years, EPS maintains R-Value wet or dry and enhances radiant performance when used below concrete and wood floors and below roof trusses without loss of insulating value. It is 100% recyclable and contains no formaldehyde or CFC's or HCFC's.

Fortruss is a high performance lightweight forming system made of EPS and supported with metal clad truss forms. You can quickly form concrete floors and roofs. Fortruss is most cost effective when combined with a quality radiant floor heat system and is great for use with decorative concrete and tile floors. Beaver Plastics also manufactures many other Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products.


"Intus Eforte" U-PVC Window and Door System Performance, Quality, Price.

Innovative technology combines thermal insulation with stability: unique thermal reinforcement with steel reinforcement and Inoutic bonding technology. 

  • Thermal Performance Window- Uw=0.1287*, R=7.7*
  • Thermal Performance Frame -Uf=0.167, R=6.0
  • Triple glazing- up to Ug=0.07 Btu/(h.ft2.F) Increased thermal insulation.
  • Warm edge spacers - better room climate. Higher inside glass surface temperatures.
  • Triple window seal - provides air tightness (class 4).
  • Value- amazing performance without additional insulation therefore reducing window cost.
  • Multi-lock system- provides security and protection.
  • Steel reinforcements - provide rigidity and strength. Allow floor to ceiling windows and doors.
  • In swing Tilt/Turn - easy to operate, clean and ventilate.
  • Deuctone Color Concept- unmatched color selection.


Polyurethane Foams and Guns

Tytan gun foam adhesives and sealants are specifically designed for dispensing guns. “One Component” used for economically filling, insulating and sealing gaps or cracks on walls inside or out. “Window and Door” is specially formulated to expand and contract while maintaining seals. “Sub-floor” eliminates nail pops and floor squeaks and is a real money saver, replacing up to 12 (29oz.) tubes of conventional adhesives. The Tytan Gun will accommodate any of the pro cans.


Colphene ICF Waterproofing Membrane

Colphene ICF is a fast and effective hydrostatic peel and stick waterproofing membrane.


Vapor Barrier 10 mil.

Viper Vaporcheck is manufactured using woven, high density fiber creating the highest strength to weight ratio of any product of its kind. It is puncture resistant and designed to control vapor and moisture infiltration.


Accuvent Extreme Soffit Vent

Accuvent “high energy soffit vent” is 100% recycled PVC and when properly installed you will have no problem with wind or moisture. They are secured in place and insure insulation stays where it belongs. These soffit vents are easy and fast to install.