Hydronic Radiant

On this page you will find hydronic radiant heating and cooling controls, manifolds, towel warmers, radiators, stainless steel solar piping, circulators, water heaters, Uponor ProPex tubing, radiant fittings and valves.

Some great hydronic sites to visit.


Intelligent Hydronic Heating Controls

Azel has set a new dimension in hydronic zone controls, set point and digital temperature controls. They take pride in manufacturing quality controls and offer the highest standards in customer service.


Hydronic Solutions with Outstanding Quality

Caleffi has products for hydronic heating/cooling professionals. They manufacture premium brass air and dirt separators, valves, manifolds, cabinets and other hydronic components. They are great for use in hydronic and solar applications.


Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

Easy Flex offers a cost effective solution for high temperature hydronic applications with its' corrugated stainless steel flexible tubing. Easy Flex insulated tubing is available in many sizes, it is easy to install and is great for use with solar hot water systems.


Circulators, Well & Booster Pumps

Grundfos has the most complete and innovative pumping product lines. Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Their mission is to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality pumps and pumping systems world-wide, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.


Home Automation, Home Energy, Lighting, Security & Control Systems

An automated home allows you to manage security, fire, lighting, temperature & comfort control, audio & video and any other features and systems allowing them all to communicate in a coordinated and easy to use manner. HAI products are Automation Simplified. Home Automation systems are available for every income level and lifestyle. Just choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire that will fit within your budget.   HAI systems may be installed in new or existing homes and may be accessed and controlled over the telephone or over the Internet.


SuperStor Solar Stainless Steel Water Heaters

These efficient 316L Stainless Steel Water Heaters come in several configurations to accommodate solar integration. SuperStor Solar has extra large high output Cupronickel Heat Exchangers for maximum heat transfer performance. Environmentally safe, CFC free water blown, extra thick foam insulation allows less than degree F per hour heat loss, the best in the industry.


Designer Towel Warmers, Radiators & Fan Coils

This heating option is not only innovative but also a beautiful and effective way to deliver heat. Myson towel warmers are the ultimate comfort item. Treat yourself and your guest to the warmth and luxury of toasty warm towels while reducing moisture, mildew and musty smells. You can live without one but the special touch of a warm towel after a shower or bath adds comfort to the beginning or end of a day. Myson stainless steel radiators are a natural, environmentally friendly option offering high corrosion resistant, superior thermal properties, and a popular finish, creating an elegant designer look in a very durable and efficient hydronic radiator. These radiators and towel warmers are a great solution for any heat challenged areas.


Tubing & Fitting Systems for Hydronics, Plumbing & Fire Safety

Uponor "PEX-a" products are unmatched in the industry and have 35 years of testing without failure. A true pioneer in the field, Uponor first unveiled cross-linked, polyethylene tubing for potable water systems in the late 1960s. Uponor had thousands of feet of PEX-a working trouble-free in real-world installations before others had ever entered the market. With 12 billion feet of Uponor PEX-a now installed worldwide, it has become the trusted solution for plumbing and heating systems for residential and commercial.  When designed, installed and operated properly, Uponor PEX-a systems will last as long as the structures they inhabit.


Hydronic, Plumbing & Gas Valves

Webstone valves and brass fittings are high quality, save time and are fair priced. Their products are built to last a lifetime.