Commercial Projects

Commercial buildings have the greatest potential to reduce building and operating cost while having a more positive effect on the environment when choosing high performance building products.

Project Photos

The Fish and Game building exterior walls were constructed with ICF's.  By constructing some of the interior walls with ICF's savings included not having to purchase additional walk-in refrigeration equipment.  The speed of construction using ICF's helped meet deadlines.  Daily operation expenses and noise reduction are a huge plus.

Design flexibility allowed the Honda dealership to be constructed using ICF's.  This structure is in a high wind area and the manager explained that the lack of noise and cold from the air infiltration (compared to the old structure) was highly noticeable not only in day to day comfort but in the energy consumption as well.

Theaters are a perfect place to implement energy efficiency.  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's) dramatically reduce initial and daily operating costs.  Speed of construction, sound transmission along with the ability to downsize heating and cooling systems are major benefits as well.