Residential Projects

Smart homeowners are not just looking for curb appeal they are realizing the importance of
choosing products with long life cycles and a great return on their investment.

As you can see from the pictures design capability is unlimited.  What you may not have noticed is that all of these homes started with insulated concrete forms (ICF's).  ICF's provide an initial energy savings of approximately 50% over conventional construction.  Owner options on these projects shown here include geothermal, hydronic radiant floor heating and cooling, structural concrete floors, heat recovery displacement ventilation, wet/dry total cleaning systems, water filtration and salt free water softening.

Project Photos

This unique home was the winner of the UPONOR 2006 Dream Home Contest.
Geothermal Loop Field - Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heating & Cooling - Structural Concrete Floors
The owners of this lovely
home were very conscious
of it’s energy efficiency.
The insulated concrete
forms that were used were
a perfect start and as you
can see it did not inhibit
their design. A high mass
structural concrete floor
system helps minimize
temperature swings and
increases comfort and the
efficiency as well.
Front of the home in progress.
Before roof trusses.
Back of the home in progress.
Shows geo-thermal ground loop.

Beautiful design isn’t just about
what’s on the exterior . This
home’s geothermal radiant infloor
heating & cooling not only
produces superior comfort but also
help minimize allergens in the air.
This family also enjoys hot water
in seconds at any faucet, this was
achieved by including structured
plumbing with recirculation as a
part of the plumbing design.