Water & Vacs

We offer the best whole home Water Filtration and Salt Free Softening and Clean Water Treatment Systems. We also offer the best in Central Vacs, with dry only vacs or wet/dry combo Total Cleaning Systems. When we specify these products our first consideration is quality of not only the product but also of your environment.


Wet/Dry Total Cleaning System

The Aqua-Air Wet/Dry is the perfect choice for easy cleaning of all buildings, autos and upholstery just like a professional. Aqua-Air Built-in Central Vacuum System is beyond your ordinary central vacuum system. It simultaneously handles wet and dry cleaning in residential or commercial settings. Dry vacuuming, liquid spills, hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are easy with this amazing total cleaning system.


Central Vacuum Components & Accessories

MD MFG is a company that has been manufacturing high quality central vacuums since 1961. Their goal is to provide the most innovative and complete line of central vacuum systems, accessories, motors, parts, installation gear and more. There products makes cleaning easy, and leaves you more time to enjoy life. We have many items in stock and you can contact us directly or you are more than welcome to use the website link to the left, it is a direct link where you can place an order for your central vacuum needs.


Whole Home Water Filters & Salt Free Softeners

No Salt, No Power! We know.this sounds unbelievable.but it's true. The NaturSoft, Salt Free Water Softener System itself represents the utmost in environmentally conscious water softening/conditioning. You can enjoy water softened naturally. The Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filters are simply the best on the market. No where will you find a whole house water filter that is more affordable and removes more contaminates. With its multi-stage filtration process and high performance media you get sparkling clean contaminant free water for less than a penny per 10 gallons. This product is also available in a combo series. The Pelican Combo Series combines the Pelican Whole House Water Filter and the Pelican NaturSoft, Salt Free Water Softener. Together they create a spa like experience in your own home. If you are interested in eliminating the negative side effects of hard water as well as removing harmful contaminants from your water the Pelican Combo Series is your answer.  Check out www.WaterSoftenersCompared.com and the Fluoride Action Network at: www.fluoridealert.org


Ultra Clean Water System (Drinking Water)

This system requires no maintenance, filters or chemicals and is NSF approved. Sylvan Source M-600, is a break-through ultra-clean water system that reduces contaminants more effectively by using a distillation process and without requiring filter replacements or cleaning - just, healthy, great-tasting water great for drinking and cooking.