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High Performance Building Products

High Performance Plan Review, HVAC, Solar & Plumbing Design

Combine your needs and purchase from us for great "Package Pricing"

"High Performance Buildings, properly planned, do not cost more than traditional buildings"

Fact: Contractors across the USA have been building High Performance Buildings at the same cost or less, in most building types.

Build a safe, comfortable home that is 3X or more energy efficient, at the same cost as conventional!                      

                                      Our expertise in Design and Products produce buildings that dramatically increase comfort and reduce operational costs.

Cost Effective Solutions to Real Problems

We help you create a building that will work with you and for you.  Selecting combinations of cost-effective, passive components, properly assembled, allow us to design super comfortable, energy efficient Heating, Cooling,Ventilation, Plumbing and Energy Systems. 

  Need your building Energy Certified?   Or, do you need it to perform better than any certified sure to reach for the right reward.

High Performance Buildings require a holistic design approach, meaning all the systems working together as a whole, determining in an important way, how the individual parts perform.  When done correctly, using this holistic design approach, High Performance Building Design improves the performance of almost every material in the building and construction process.  The combined end result becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  Carefully selected combinations of components, engineered and designed to work together, are not a “superpower” story but real world physics.  Through decades of research and development, working in tandem for over 25 years with our clients and contractors, Smart Solutions has developed a complete range of cost effective High Performance Building Products, procedures and ways to make buildings healthier and more efficient.  In this effort, training of conventional contractors with these materials became mandatory for success and has also made construction faster and better, allowing many High Performance Building Products and systems to be installed at the same cost as many conventional materials.


                                           is a facilitator between clients and contractors to design and build the

                                           most comfortable, cost-effective, energy efficient buildings in the USA. 

We have trained contractors of several trades for over 25 years on the best, cost-effective materials and methods for achieving a High Performance Building.

We are a part of your design team.  Our goal is to help clients navigate the decision-making process to ensure they get what they want in an energy efficient and healthy home.  Our role is being there to provide the team with everything they need to succeed including plumbing and mechanical designs, design and plan reviews, materials, tools, resources, and support.

Our design services include the most cost-effective products available and system designs that work in the real world to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.

We ensure both the contractor & homeowner understand the proposed systems and options, and we explain how the components work together to operate efficiently.

We will arrange tours of in progress and existing homes to show the excellent building quality and unlimited design options.

On site training, inspections and technical support is provided when necessary.

We provide products and design services for High Performance HVAC, Solar & Plumbing Design using primarily Hydronic Based Comfort Systems.  All plans should have a High Performance Plan Review, as this will catch most design and energy issues while it also ensures a quality, efficient plan is in place for all systems. For more details, see Smart Design as it will cover most of the key points. We operate using real world facts and science, without any hype or scare from CO2, Eco-Genocide or Global Warming fraud and Carbon Tax.  Please watch and share the movie UNsustainable and understand how Climate Control is really involved in the control and Energy Crisis.

The successful completion of your project is important to us, as our best sales people are our clients.



Petrol Fuels are 1) cheaper than green energy, 2) already in place and ready for duty, and 3) reliable; they do the job even when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

SS Logo 8 inches by 3 inches at 300 DPI.
SS Logo 8 inches by 3 inches at 300 DPI.
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