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First things first...100 Years of (t)reason this Firearms Training is offered... read to the end.
It is not that some people don't know what they know.  It is just as simple as they don't know what they don't know, and they know so much that just isn't so.  This is by design...against you...

Cognitive Dissonance occurs when new information doesn't fit into our learned pattern of assumptions.  Such information tends to just bounce out of our minds, primarily due to the endless programming of accepting what we are told day in and day out by those we thought were trustworthy.  It is not that hard to find and understand the truth about many subjects these days, it's not Rocket Science.  It can feel that way because Cognitive Dissonance and our built in tendency to avoid, shut out, and if possible ignore, whatever does not neatly fit into our own conceptualization of the topic at hand.  Do your own research and make an honest effort to understand the subject with new eyes.

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Chris Sajnog's Top Tools
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New Rules of Marksmanship
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Navy Seal Shooting

You Are the Weapon: Your Firearm is Just a Tool


When it comes to defending your life, you are the weapon.  By you we mean your mind, and your ability to think, form a plan, predict outcomes, and concentrate.  You are the weapon, you are the one who will win this fight.  Granted, you will select a tool to get the job done.  That tool may be a fist, a knife, or a firearm.  Just as likely, that tool may be your cell phone to dial 911, it may be your feet as you run away from a bad situation, or it may be your voice as you talk your way out of the problem.  You obviously need a tool, but the tool is secondary.  The Weapon is always You.

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Dry Weapons Training
Childrens Firearms Safety

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men.” —John Adams (1776)


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Top 11 Bad Habits
Accuracy vs Speed
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Live Fire Drill Cards

Firearm Skills Tests (Things you should be able to do)


Handgun Shooting Skills                             Range      Time (in Seconds)


Controlled Pair from the holster                       3m           1.8

Controlled Pair from the holster                       5m           2.0

Controlled Pair from the holster                       7m           2.1

Controlled Pair from the holster                     10m           2.6

Controlled Pair from the holster                     15m           2.9

Single Head Shot from the holster                    5m           1.9

Single Head Shot from the holster                    7m           2.3

Emergency Reload                                                            2.4

Tactical Reload                                                                 4.5

Type 1 Malfunction Clearance                                         1.4

Type 2 Malfunction Clearance                                         1.6

Type 3 Malfunction Clearance                                         6.5

Rifle Shooting Skills (from the ready)                  Range      Time (in Seconds)

Single Shot                                                       15m           1.5

Single Shot                                                       25m           2.0

Single Shot                                                       50m           3.0

Single Shot                                                     100m           5.0

Single Shot                                                     200m           6.5

Single Head Shot                                             15m            2.0

Single Head Shot                                             25m            2.5

Single Hostage Taker Left Head Shot               7m            1.5       

Single Hostage Taker Right Head Shot             7m            1.5

Single Shot Close Contact                                 3m            1.0

Emergency Reload                                                              3.0

Tactical Reload                                                                   5.0

Type 1 Malfunction Clearance                                           1.6

Type 2 Malfunction Clearance                                           1.8

Type 3 Malfunction Clearance                                           8.5

Shotgun Shooting Skills (from the ready)            Range      Time (in Seconds)

Single Shot                                                        15m         1.3

Shoot One, Load One                                        15m         4.0

Two Targets                                                       15m         1.6

Three Targets                                                     15m         2.1

Four Targets                                                       15m         2.6

Select Slug                                                         35m         4.5

Single Slug Shot                                                35m         2.5

Select Slug                                                         50m         5.0

Single Slug Shot                                                50m         3.0

Hostage Rescue  Left                                           7m         1.7

Hostage Rescue Right                                          7m         1.7

Close Contact                                                       3m         1.3

Emergency Reload                                                             3.5

Tactical Reload                                                                   3.5

Type 1 Malfunction Clearance                                           1.0

Type 2 Malfunction Clearance                                           1.2

Type 3 Malfunction Clearance                                           5.0

Four Universal Firearm Safety Rules (apply to everyone 24/7)

1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.  Know the condition of your firearm.   Even if the firearm is actually unloaded, treat it with the same respect you would a loaded firearm.  Just that respect will generally prevent a negligent discharge.  A negligent discharge means firing the firearm when you didn't intend to.

2. Never let the muzzle (the front of the firearm) cover (point at) anything you are not willing to destroy.  Know what your firearm is pointing at. The fact that the muzzle exists means it is always covering something.  Be muzzle conscious and don't point the weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot.  Just like #1, this should have some common sense to mix with it, because taken literally you would never be able to clean or disassemble your firearm, not only know it, but fully understand it.

3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger and, in fact outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot.  Know where your trigger finger is.  On Target on trigger, off target off trigger.  Your trigger finger should be indexed along the receiver, outside the trigger guard, until the decision to shoot has been made.  This can and should happen as soon as your barrel is pointed at your target.  Your finger should be removed from the trigger as soon as you no longer need to shoot or your firearm is no longer pointed in a safe direction. 

4. Be sure of your target and what is in line with your target.  Know the target, static and dynamic foreground and background.  On the range, this rule is very easy to follow.  All the shooters will be on the same firing line (no one in your foreground), you will be shooting at targets, and the bullets will impact a large earthen berm or back stop (no one in the background) just behind the targets.  On the street is a different story.  A confrontation on the street often takes place in a chaotic low light environment, against multiple adversaries with innocent bystanders nearby.  The first question you need to ask yourself is "Is this the right guy, am I about to shoot the correct person?"  If that answer is "Yes", then you need to know if something (cars, walls, trees) are in your foreground or if someone (cars, people, dogs) may move in front of your weapon and accidentally be hit. Lastly, you need to know what is in the background behind your adversary. Your bullet may well penetrate right through the bad guy, deflect off the ground or other hard objects and continue down range.  You need to know what will stop that bullet.  You need satisfactory answers to these questions BEFORE you press the trigger.  It goes without saying that once you fired that shot, you cannot alter its course...and you certainly cannot get it back.  You need to be absolutely sure of Rule 4 before you press the trigger.

These safety rules are very cleverly designed.  First they are easy to remember and apply.  Secondly, you must violate two of the rules before anybody gets hurt.  Violating just one of the rules is bad news, but nobody bleeds.  You must actually violate half of the rules before anyone get hurt.























































First things first...100 Years of (t)reason this Firearms Training is mentioned.  As this may not appear to be an acceptable location to offer Firearms training, but one could argue with the 100 Years of (t)reason.  FAET (Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax) that was enacted by Chapter 32 of the Internal Revenue Code has been in operation since 1919, has taxed all handguns at 10% and all other firearms and ammo at 11%, and has produced countless Billions of Dollars.  What do you think all that tax was used on... more desk jockeys... obviously no useful purpose that is visibleThis tax money was suppose to be returned to the States for firearms education, training and building ranges in our schools.  Where are the ranges? ...and has anyone seen any training???  So...with this Federal Fiasco like most others, the money disappears and we get nothing, other than more of the sameNothing other than more shooting fiasco's and false flag incidentsIncidents that the controlled propaganda main stream media and politicians insist on insulting our intelligence as they always ignore real history and facts but use the "Official Story" (no real investigation - they get fired for that) as an endless excuse to propel and implement more loss of rights (unconstitutional laws with extorted taxes) for Law abiding American's.  See the Most Famous Speech Ever and understand the Declaration of Independence.  Like CO2 and Global Warming fraud, Carbon Tax and almost everything else, they can restate lies endlessly to further their agenda, but they will never change the facts.



Firearm Skills Tests
4 Firearms Safety Rules
Shooting Errors
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Color Code - OODA Loop
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Color Code of Awareness


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Firearms Training Information

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