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"High Performance Buildings, properly planned, do not cost more than traditional buildings"

Fact: Contractors across the USA have been building High Performance Buildings at the same cost or less, in most building types.

Central Vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner appliance installed into a building as a permanent fixture.  Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls, floor and/or ceiling to a collection container in a remote utility space.  The power unit is typically installed in a basement, garage, or storage room, along with the collection container.  Inlets are installed in walls, as dust pans and inlet fixtures throughout the building that attach to power hoses and other central vacuum accessories to remove dust, particles, and small debris from interior rooms.  Most power hoses typically have a power switch located on the handle for use with power attachments.  Non-power hoses are common for garages, special wall inlets and quick clean hoses.

MD are the best and longest lasting central vacs with the widest range of vacuum accessories.

Click on the Photos or Links below to check into some of the finest cleaning products available.

                                            Central Vac can be Roughed-in and Finished at a later Date

                                            We offer discounted Package Pricing, Installation or Technical Support

                                            Have us Design and Estimate a Package Price for your project

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