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"High Performance Buildings, properly planned, do not cost more than traditional buildings"

Fact: Contractors across the USA have been building High Performance Buildings at the same cost or less, in most building types.

Dynamic Thermal Envelope - Key to High Performance Building 

Continuous Quality Airtight Insulation - Eliminate Thermal Bridging 

Initial Investment - Static Materials Paid for Once - Lifetime of Savings

The purpose of the thermal envelope is to prevent heat transfer from interior of a house to its exterior in winter and vice versa in summer. 

The devil is in the details and all errors are accumulative against you. 


In most cases the selections in design and materials are irreversible and you only have one chance within the building process to get it right.

Choose wisely, your monthly operational costs will be the sum result of all your choices.


Structural Concrete Floor & Roof System


Vault Doors

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GPS Rigid Sheet Insulation

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Terrafoam Platinum GPS is used below slabs & trusses for Continuous Insulation

Advanced GPS Rigid Sheet Insulation


Hydronic Radiant Floor Insulation

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Reinforced Class A Vapor Barrier

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